No Funeral

by Knock Over City

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Thank you for taking the time to listen to our record. No Funeral was recorded in about two and a half hours on April 11th, 2016 in our practice space which is a barn in Littleton MA. We were supposed to have more time but I slept in and (coincidentally) had to go to a wake so we had to jam it out quick. As a result there are some mistakes and foibles that remain. We did no punches because we'd like to think that this is an imperfect document of the two of us playing in that room where those songs were born and they live on as mutable works each time we play live.

(we also only rented the mics for that one day.)

All the instruments were recorded live in one take. I played through two Sovtek Mig60s with two separate (slightly different) cabs, Joey played a drum set that he's had since high school that, to my ear, sounds improbably good. That may be just his playing though. If you want to know about mic placement or mixing or any of that technical mumbo jumbo, ask him. He's very good at that sort of thing.

We worked on these songs for over a year and we are both very proud of them. This record is a concept record, by the way, about a fictional man who had a rough go of it and decided to tie it off early. I had honestly tried to NOT write a concept album but here we are, I think it tracks, hopefully you do too.

The artwork was done by the wonderful Derek Kent Paul and I'm seriously considering silk screening a poster for myself and hanging it on the ceiling above my bed. It's so good. Please contact him for your art needs. No Funeral was mastered by Tim Schmoyer out in New Mexico, he consistently does a great job and we're happy to see him all set up in his new studio out there. Once again, if you need something mastered; he's your dude. James Gray is putting out this tape on Endless Bummer records. He's a weird guy, but I love him and he does good work.

I'll repeat myself here; thank you for taking the time to listen to our record. We are very proud of it and it means the world to us that for 45 minutes of your life you would sit down and engage with our effort. You're wonderful people.

Nunzio DiBenedetto and Joseph Campbell AKA Knock Over City
June, 2016.


released June 15, 2016



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